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London: a history in verse | 01-Sep-12

Here can thy trouble find shelter, thy wound be eased!
For see, not thou alone,
But thousands, each with his smart,
Deep, hidden, perchance, but felt in the core of the heart!

As I walked through London - Binyon, Laurence from  London : a history in verse / Ford, Mark (introduction). -- Cambridge, Massachusetts and London : Belknap Press, 2012

London: a history in verse

Poet Mark Ford has edited this fat and juicy anthology of London verse. It includes John Ashbery and William Blake, Fleur Adcock and Linton Kwesi Johnson, Jeremy Reed and Lady Mary Worley Montagu. Its earliest poets, John Gower and William Langland, were born in 1330 (approximately) while its latest, Ahren Warner, in 1985 (definitively) giving an impressive 650 year span over  the book's 700+ pages.  Ford contextualises it all in a wide-ranging introduction.  You could move into this book, maybe even start a new life there.

Some other London themed anthologies on our catalogue are:

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London : a collection of poetry of place -- London : Baring & Rogerson Books, poetry imprint of Eland Publishing, 2003.

City state : new London poetry / Chivers, Tom (introduction). -- London : Penned in the Margins, 2009.

All that mighty heart : London poems / Sparr, Lisa Russ (introduction). -- Charlottesville, Va. ; London : University of Virginia Press, 2008.

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