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Little Critic | 09-Oct-12

Little Critic, an occasional pamphlet series from Coracle press, began in 1989 and has published 17 highly eclectic editions.  A Little Critic emerges 'whenever the case arises', say Coracle,  and to look back over the full series is to wish the case arose more often.

Encompassing poetry, poetic manifestos, catalogues of exhibitions, records of artworks,  and then the simply unclassifiable: Little Critic 8 is wholly extracted from E. W. Swanton's 1947 epic, 'A country museum, the rise and progress of Jonathan Hutchinson's Educational Museum at Haslemere', this series is never unsurprising and often beautifully weird.

The Poetry Library holds a full run.

An exhibition, 'Printed in Norfolk, Coracle Press 1989 to 2012' will be held at The Poetry Library from 1 November to 2 December, 2012. On Wednesday 7 November there will be a Poetry Library Special Edition event, Part Song: A Gathering of Coracle Writing and Reading. This event is free but space is limited. To book your place email: specialedition@poetrylibrary.org.uk

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