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New issue of The Cannon's Mouth on Poetry Magazines site 19-Dec-05

Three issues of The Cannon's Mouth are now available online


TS Eliot Lecture 23-Nov-05

The Poetry Library is pleased to display on our website the text of the TS Eliot lecture of 2005, given by poet George Szirtes at the South Bank Centre, 22 November 2005.

10th Muse

10th Muse joins the site! 10-Nov-05

Three issues of 10th Muse are now live on the Poetry Magazines website, as well as latest issues of Painted, spoken and Neon Highway

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Latest Issues of Staple and The North online 11-Oct-05

Latest issues of Staple and The North are now available on the Poetry Magazines site

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Teachers! Children's library now open! 19-Sep-05

The Poetry Library's children's library is now available for visits from schools.

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New Poetry Magazines Online 22-Jun-05

Issues 28, 30 and 31 of South magazine are now live on the Poetry Magazines site.


Poetry Library Move 13-Jun-05

As you may be aware, the Royal Festival Hall is closing to the public at the end of this month. We will be moving the Poetry Library's collection and offices to our temporary accommodation over the next two weeks (from 13 June 2005).

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'Hospitality' at St Saviours 26-May-05

The poetry reading circle organised by the Poetry Library before we closed has been given a new lease of life thanks to the hospitality of St Saviour's Church in Knightsbridge.

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New Poetry Magazines Online 05-May-05

Issues 3, 4 and 7 of Neon Highway are now available to read on the Poetry Magazines website

Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand Immortalise The Poetry Library 16-Apr-05

Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand told the Guardian this week that the opening song of their Mercury Award winning album was inspired by a scene from The Poetry Library. The song, Jacqueline, is about Jacqueline Cameron who worked as a Library Assistant in The Poetry Library between 1993-1995.


Our favourite poems! 13-Mar-05

Today, 12 March, our poetry reading circle had its last session before the Library's closure. Everyone attending had the chance to read or recite their favourites.

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New Poetry Magazines Online 01-Mar-05

Issue 61 of Staple and Issues 6, 7 and a Special Issue of Painted,Spoken are now live on the Poetry Magazines website.

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Poems in Translation 19-Feb-05

On 19 February 2005, our poetry reading group read their choice of poems on the theme of translation.

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New Poetry Magazines Online 01-Feb-05

Issues 15 and 16 of Angel Exhaust, and issues 59 and 60 of Staple are now live on the Poetry Magazines website


Poems about the Sea 29-Jan-05

On Saturday 29 January, our poetry reading group read their choices of poems about the sea.

Family trees

Poetry family trees 17-Jan-05

The Poetry Library has developed three 'family tree' worksheets to help you get more out of the Library's collection of books, CDs, videos and magazines.


Poems read at Free Reading on Celebrations 08-Jan-05

These are the poems that were read on the theme of Celebrations, at The Poetry Library Free Reading on 8 January 2005.


Poems about winter 05-Dec-04

On Saturday 4 December our reading circle read poems about winter. If you're not feeling chilly enough already, why not get to know some of the poems we read?

Fifty Strong

Fifty Strong 25-Nov-04

Fifty Strong is a new anthology for teenagers, with poems chosen by teenagers from all round the UK.

Fifty Fifty

Fifty Fifty 27-Oct-04

Introduction to Fifty-Fifty Anthology by Andrew Motion:

In the fifty years since it was founded, the Poetry Library has won a special place in the affections of all poetry-readers. Others before me have spoken of how "un-British" it once seemed, in the sense that its existence appeared to contradict the view that no one here cared much about poetry. But that's not true anymore. These days poetry enjoys a more conspicuous and secure place in our national life - and the Library deserves a lot of credit for bringing about this change.

Users think of the Library as a place which combines the pleasure of home-coming with the excitement of making new departures; it is somewhere to mull over old favourites as well as to discover surprises. And this anthology recreates this double pleasure. Some of its contents are well-known, others less so - and taken together they have the additional interest of presenting a portrait of poetry over the last half-century. We can see here the rapid diversification of poetry into poetries, we can map the change and expansion of poetic idioms, and we can follow the development of forms.

For all its variety, however, the book has an impressive consistency and centredness. It shows poets from a wide range of backgrounds, and with an equally wide range of interests and techniques, devoting themselves with a common intensity to the business of making their art part of our familiar life. This is just as it should be. Let it always be there.

Andrew Motion

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