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#Afterhours at The Poetry Library | 27-Oct-14

Poet, playwright and perfomer Inua Ellams will be developing his latest manuscript of poems at the Poetry Library, making use of the UK's largest collection of modern and contemporary poetry as a springboard for new work. The theme of Inua's collection will be the end of childhood and what better place to mature as a writer than reading a wide range of poetry published since 1912. Inua says:

" #Afterhours is a poetry project in which I rewrite my childhood through the lens and language of British Poetry published between the years 1984 and 2002, from when I was born to when I turned 18. The Poetry Library is the perfect organisation to work with. They have a vast inclusive collection and I can engage with poets and lovers of poetry who visit their digital and physical spaces."

At what age do boys become men? How does this differ from culture to culture? And what poets, and kinds of poetry, will be reflected in this exploration of forms and styles? Inua's project will run from October 2014 to October 2015 and will culminate in an event at the Poetry Library.

#Afterhours needs your help in suggesting poems for Inua to rewrite, published between 1984 and 2002. You can suggest entire collections for Inua to browse or specific poems from these years. Why not set Inua the challenge of rewriting your favourite poem from this period?  Take a look through your books and magzines at home, search online or access the library's holdings for each year through searching online here

Send your suggestions for Inua to or tweet us @wetblackbough @InuaEllams

Image (c) Oliver Holms, 2014.

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