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In Celebration of the Thames | 20-Oct-15

The Poetry Library is celebrating the nearby River Thames this autumn. Our current exhibition, Faraday's Synaptic Gap by Rick Myers, invites you to become immersed in Michael Faraday's 1832 experiment from Waterloo Bridge. Faraday attempted to observe the electricity generated by the river's motion through the Earth's magnetic field. Myers' exhibition explores the poetic aspects of this moment in London's history with an audio than be listened to across Waterloo Bridge before arriving at The Courtauld Library where more of the exhibition can be seen.

The Poetry Library will also be the beginning point for Karen McCarthy Woolf's writing expedition along the river to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Karen will take participants through some of the gems from the collections before leading them by river-boat to the National Maritime Musuem for an object-led writing session. Places can be booked here.

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