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Teachers! Children's library now open! | 19-Sep-05

The Poetry Library's children's library is now available for visits from schools. Thanks to our neighbours in Southwark, the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (, we have been able to make our children's collection accessible to local schools despite the closure of the Royal Festival Hall.

Along with the CLPE, we have created a Poetry Zone that incorporates our poetry books, cassettes, CDs and videos for children and the poetry resources available at CLPE. Also in the Poetry Zone is our Teaching collection, which includes textbooks, lesson plans, and books on teaching and learning poetry.

We can now offer visits to the Poetry Zone. A visit can include an activity like our Poetry Explorer, group reading with the Librarian, a chance to compile your Poetry Library Anthology, or just some time to read poetry. If you'd like to bring a class or other group along to the Poetry Library at CLPE, please contact Miriam on 020 7921 0664 or by email at to discuss your visit.

Other services that the Library can offer you are

  • our enquiry service - contact us for suggestions of suitable poems for use in the classroom, or to find out about a particular poet, or to identify your lost quotation!
  • help selecting poetry books on a given subject
  • loans of books, videos and cassettes for use in the classroom
  • postal service for people with sight problems

We look forward to welcoming your class to the Poetry Zone. Please contact us to arrange a visit.

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