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Have your event in The National Poetry Library! | 27-Feb-17

We are inviting event proposals for The National Poetry Library's Special Edition series for the second half of 2017, July to December.

Special Edition is a series of poetry events that take place in the NPL on the first Wednesday of every month. The series showcases different facets of the poetry scene and highlights the treasures of the library's collection. We are seeking proposals from a broad range of poets and poetry organisations.

Special Edition transforms the library into the backdrop for all sorts of poetry-related events, whether debates, Q&As, collaborative performances, or readings of live poetry. You will find examples of previous events listed here. We particularly welcome proposals which draw on unusual strands in the NPL collection.

Please note the following before applying for a place in the series:

The events take place between 8pm and 9.15pm on the first Wednesday of the month.

There is an audience capacity of 40 seats and 40 standing.

Tickets will be free but seats musts be reserved by email.

We will provide the main event organiser with expenses of £200 to be distributed among the performers.

We will record the event and make it available to library users with the permission of performers.

If you would like to apply to organise an event in the series, please send us a proposal which answers all of the following points:

- What type of event would it be? (lecture, poetry reading, conversation, film etc.)
- Title of event
- Names of all proposed performers
- A description of the event (max. 300 words)
- Will your event have a Q&A or a multimedia element?
- What is your event's particular connection to The National Poetry Library's collection? 
- Any months that would be unsuitable for your event
- Who is your target audience for this event?
- Please provide a reference from a previous performance venue.

Proposals will be considered in March and September each year and we aim to get back to all those submitting proposals in April and October, depending on which date you submitted the proposal.

To apply for an event in next year's season (from July 2017 onwards), please email your event proposal to by Friday 24 March.

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