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More Free Issues Now Live | 31-Aug-06

Issue 26 and 27 of The Interpreter's House and issue 67 of The Frogmore Papers are now live on the Poetry Magazines' site at

The Interpreter's House was started back in 1996 and has since published work by poets such as Dannie Abse, David Constantine and Sophie Hannah. The Editor, Merryn Hemp, says of this magazine:  "I believe that modern poetry has drifted dangerously far from the common reader and admire work which is technically accomplished, has powerful images, and appears to mean something. I am always trying to make the magazine better and always glad to hear from writers I have not encountered before."

The Frogmore Papers was first published in 1983 and is now edited by Jeremy Page with the assistance of Catherine Smith. The editor says: "Most numbers contain a mixture of work by established writers and comparative unknowns, with the only criterion for selection being quality."

Look out for three new issues of Modern Poetry in Translation in September.

The Interpreter's House 27 front cover

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