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Poems for the Poetry Lounge | 31-Oct-06

As well as suggestions of the poem that had really inspired them, visitors to the Poetry Lounge also offered drawings and their own poems. Here is the work of two young poets who visited the Poetry Lounge at the Queen Elizabeth Hall during Poetry International:

As the wind blows
against the trees
and the leaves blow
and the lights went out
all that was quiet and dark.

by Matthew O'Brien, aged 7

The spirit of friend
The spirit of love
The spirit of fun
The spirit of God
We play together
because we are friends.

by Matthew O'Brien, aged 7

A silver star and silver moon
in the darkness shine into
a cold old room.

by Hazel-Marie, 11 years old

I smell hot chocolate as
chocolaty as my chocolate bear,
but one thing I love is my
Nan's chocolate room.

I love my smile I love my
self I respect my self I dream
great dreams.

by Hazel-Marie, 11 years old

Look out for Matthew and Hazel-Marie reading at Poetry International 2020!

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