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Equinox online | 17-Nov-06

Three issues of the poetry journal Equinox are now available on the Poetry Magazines' website at

Barbara Dordi, the editor of Equinox, says: "I am a strong believer in Ezra Pound's dictum: 'The artist selects and presents the luminous detail. He does not comment'. I am interested in publishing poems which, as well as the above, employ contemporary imagery to make us see some aspect of life afresh."

Contributors have included Gillian Allnutt, U.A. Fanthorpe, W.N. Herbert, Ann Drysdale, John Whitworth, William Oxley, Myra Schneider, Mario Petrucci, Peter Sirr, Tony Curtis, Katherine Gallagher and others.

New issues of Fire, Iota and Frogmore Papers will be available on the site in the coming weeks.

Russi Dordi artwork

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