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Second Aeon Breathes Again! | 20-Dec-06

Issues 19-21 of Peter Finch's Second Aeon magazine are now available on the Poetry Magazines' website at

Peter Finch's magazine was published between 1966 and 1974 and was renowned for its high quality production and its poetic and visual experimentation . The site now features the final 3 issue bumper volume, originally published in 1974. This includes poetry by Paul Auster, D.M. Thomas, Antony Rudolf, Barry Macsweeney, Nicki Jakowska and artwork by Tony Rickaby and Paul Brown.

It has been said of Second Aeon that: "Not much escaped the magazine's concerns. Second Aeon was filled with the new, the innovative, the visually experimental and the stuff that made the poetry world spin.  If you wanted to read what was happening in 70s poetry then you looked here".

Look out in the New Year for the launch of The Wolf magazine to the site.

Second Aeon 19-21 front cover

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