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Equinox - Latest issue online | 30-Mar-09

The latest issue of Equinox is now available on the Poetry Magazines' website here.

Equinox 19 front cover   'Equinox is a
   bi-annual occurrence;
   a dependable
   immovable feast of
   which each 
   manifestation is entire
   of itself, being subject
   to the exciting variables
   that twitch the seasons
   in art as in nature. It is
   also a good read of the
   lasting sort.'
   Ann Drysdale

Contributors have included Gillian Allnutt, U.A. Fanthorpe, W.N. Herbert, Ann Drysdale, John Whitworth, William Oxley, Myra Schneider, Mario Petrucci, Peter Sirr, Tony Curtis, Katherine Gallagher and others.
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