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Poems in Translation | 19-Feb-05

On Saturday 19 February, our free weekend poetry reading group took place. The theme was poetry in translation.

Here is a list of some of the poems people chose for today's session (references are given where possible):

'The Unicorn', 'The Fence' and 'Werewolf' by Christian Morganstern, found in A Choice of Comic and Curious Verse' Ed by J. Cohen (Penguin, 1975).

'The Translator' by Hryhoriy Kochur (Transl. by Vera Rich)

'The Blue Eyed Giant, the Woman and the Honeysuckle' by Nazim Hikmet (Transl. by Randy Blasing)

'Prose of the Trans-Siberian and of the Little Jean of France' by Blaise Cendrars, found in Complete Poems (California Press, 1992)

'Candles' and 'Trojans' by C.P. Cavafy found in Collected Poems (Chatto & Windus, 1990)

"Never give up in the rain..." by Kenji Miyazawa found in Spring & Asura (Chicago Review Press, 1973)

'"He put the coffee..." and 'Exercise Book' by Jacques Pervert, found in Selected Poems (Hearing Eye, 2002)

'The Generation' by Adam Zagajewski, found in Tremor: Selected Poems (Collins Harvill, 1987)

'My Occupation' by Henri Michaux found in The Random House Book of Twentieth Century French Poetry (Random House, 1984)

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