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Contribute to the Bibliomancer's Dream! | 14-Jan-10

Do you have any unused books you would like to donate, to take part in the next Southbank Centre Installation within the Royal Festival and Queen Elizabeth Hall? The books will be used to help create The Bibliomancer's Dream** which is to be part of the Imagine Literature Festival in February. The Installation will be free to the public.

We are specifically looking for these types of books (however we would be grateful for all donations):

- Poetry

- Wisdom/sacred texts

- Picture books

- Books of short stories

- Philosophical tomes

- Fiction (anything that references magical journeys/time travel/other worlds/self discovery etc.)

Should you wish to donate any books you can bring them to the Poetry Library, Level 5, Royal Festival Hall, SE1 8XX. The Library is open 11am to 8pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Here you can discover new poetry and old favourites in books, recordings, magazines and pamphlets.

Please note that after the installation finishes all books will be donated to charity.

** The Bibliomancer's Dream, an installation, by Alinah Azadeh. 6 February - 2 March The Bibliomancer's Dream takes the form of a beautiful library and is inspired by the ancient ritual of bibliomancy, the art of divining with books. Visitors to the installation are invited to select a book at random, and pick a line or verse in order to learn the truth or simply inspire imagination. The lines chosen by wisdom seekers become part of a growing collection of poetry and lines creeping across the installation.

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