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Our favourite poems! | 13-Mar-05

Today, 12 March, our poetry reading circle had its last session before the Library's closure. Everyone attending had the chance to read or recite their favourites. Some of the poems read are listed below:

Edward Lear, 'The Duck and the Kangaroo', 'The Courtship of the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo', and 'There was an Old Man in a tree' found in The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear

Charles Causley, 'A Ballad for Katharine of Aragon', found in Collected Poems: 1951-2000 (Picador, 2000)

Brian Patten 'Blade of Grass'

James Fenton, 'I Know What I'm Missing', found in Out of Danger (Penguin, 1993)

W.B. Yeats, 'The Song of Wandering Aengus', found in W.B.Yeats (Everyman, 1997)

Fulke Greville, 'When as man's life...' and 'Scoggin his wife...' 

Steve Turner, 'British Rail Regrets', found in Essential Poems for Britain (HarperCollins, 2003)

Ted Hughes, 'The Warm and the Cold', found in Season Songs (Faber, 1985)

Jenny Joseph, 'Sun Has Burst the Sky' and 'Looking at Pictures' from Inland Sea (Papier Mache, 1989)

W.S. Graham, 'Thermal Stair' from New Collected Poems (Faber, 2004)

Allan Baker, 'Midnight', Smiths Knoll, no.

John Haines, 'Cauliflower'

Stephen Crane, 'In the Desert'

Norman MacCaig, 'Aunt Julia' found in Collected Poems (Chatto & Windus, 1993)

William Wordsworth, 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud', found in The Faber Book of Poems and Places (Faber, 1980)

R.S. Thomas, 'The Conductor' and 'Gap in the Hedge', found in Collected Poems (Phoenix, 1993)

Robert Herrick, 'To Daffodils', found in Norton Anthology of Poetry (W.W. Norton, 1983)

W.H. Auden, 'Atlantis', found in Collected Poems (Vintage, 1991)

Wallace Stevens, 'The Poem That Took the Place of a Mountain', found in Collected Poetry and Prose (Library of America, 1997)

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