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New Issues of Iota Added to Poetry Magazines site | 04-May-10

Issue 85 and Double Issue 83&84, both from 2009, are now live and available to read on the Poetry Magazines site.

In Issue 83&84 you can read poems by Clint Frakes, Rob A. Mackenzie, Donna Pucciani, Robert Earl Stewart, Sally Flint, Simon Zonenblick, Charlotte Gann, John Dillon, Jeff Calhoun, M.A. Schaffner, Andrew C. Ferguson, Joannie Stangeland, Stephen Rowe, Alan Jude Moore, Adam Elgar, Mim Darlington, Alison Brackenbury and Kei Miller.

In Issue 85 you'll find poems by Howard Wright, Jane Speare, John Daniel, Mike Barlow, Susan Rich, Michael Henry, Cath Nichols, Derrick Buttress, Katrina Naomi, Christopher Barnes, T. Zachary Cotler, Yvonne Eller, Robin Lindsay Wilson, Robert Peake, Valerie Lynch, Roger Caldwell, Angela Croft, Peter Branson, Paul Maddern, Abegail Morley, Michael S. Begnal, George Szirtes, Karina Porteus and Christopher James.

To read these issues of Iota, please click here.

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