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Free Limited Edition Artist's Prints at The Poetry Library | 06-Jun-10

As part of the current Poetry Library exhibition, 'Certificates of Readership' by Sara MacKillop, Poetry Library members are invited to own one of the limited run of prints that have been created for the exhibition.

MacKillop has charted the loan history of twelve books from The Poetry Library collection and any current member, or anyone who joins before the exhibition ends on the 15th of August, will be given the chance to borrow one of the books amongst their four loan items.

Members who take away a certificate will be among a limited few who have them, which includes the poets of the books themselves.

The twelve books to choose from are:

Simon Armitage - Zoom
John Ashbery - Selected Poems
Thomas A. Clark - The North Bohemian Coalfields
John Cooper Clarke - Snap, Crackle [&] Bop [CD]
Ivor Cutler - Large et Puffy
Simon Cutts - Pianostool Footnotes
Carol Ann Duffy - Meeting Midnight
Douglas Dunn - Terry Street
Jen Hadfield - Nigh-no-Place
Denise Riley - Dry Air
Jo Shapcott - Electroplating the Baby
Wislawa Szymborska - People on a Bridge

All twelve certificates can be taken so ask at The Poetry Library desk or come and browse the shelves for the twelve books.

You can read more about the exhibition here:

One of the 12 prints, 'Terry Street by Douglas Dunn

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