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Strange Faeces added to Poetry Magazines website | 31-Aug-10

The following issues of experimental 1970s' magazine Strange Faeces have now been added to our digital archive of poetry magazines:

15 - with art and words by Dino Siotis, Laura Beausoleil, Frederick Drimmer, Norman O Mustill, Michael Sowl, Opal Nations, Robert Glück, Jon Fink and others.

18 - with art and words by Gaetano Pompa, Louis Postel, Anna Banana, Jean Cocteau, Keith Abbott, Penny Chalmers and others

20 - with art and words by Opal Nations, Dennis Hlynsky, Peter Payack, Lisa Crafts, Adult Strong, Gisèle Prassinos, Alain Roussel and others

Click here to find out more and read the issues online now.

Strange Faeces

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