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Festival of Britain: Poetry From 1951 | 24-May-11

The poetry magazines website will be digitising poetry from 1951 throughout the summer to join in the Southbank Centre's 60th anniversary celebrations of the original Festival of Britain.

You can see our mini-Festival of Britain homepage by clicking here. So far, we have uploaded the first of our 1951 issues, a copy of Poetry Review featuring work by Walter de la Mare, Francis Cornford and many more poets.

We've also been given permission to display Dylan Thomas's original Festival of Britain essay, which you can read by clicking here. Here's an extract to whet your appetite:

"This Festival is London. The arches of the bridges leap into light; the moon clocks glow; the river sings; the harmonious pavilions are happy. And this is what London should always be like, till St Paul's falls down and the sea slides over the Strand." 
Dylan Thomas

We also have a piece written by Noël Coward on the original 1951 Festival called "Don't Make Fun of the Fair", which you can access by clicking here.

Keep checking in with the poetry magazines site at throughout the summer to read more wonderful poetry from 1951, and compare postwar Britain with our own present austerity.

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