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Read Dylan Thomas's Festival of Britain essay | 24-May-11

The poetry magazines site has digitised Dylan Thomas's original Festival of Britain essay which you can read for free for the duration of the Southbank Centre's 60th anniversary celebrations for the original Festival.

"a parish-pump made of flying glass and thistledown gauze-thin steel, a rolypoly pudding full of luminous, melodious bells, wheels, coils, engines and organs, alembics and jorums in a palace in thunderland sizzling with scientific witches' brews, a place of trains, bones, planes, ships, sheep, shapes, snipe, mobiles, marbles, brass bands, and cheese, a place painted regardless, and by hand."
Dylan Thomas

It's a magical piece of prose and we hope you will enjoy reading it and our other Festival of Britain delights. Click here now to read it.

Dylan Thomas

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