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Purple Patch issues added to Magazines site | 26-May-11

We have now added 3 issues of Purple Patch magazine to the poetry magazines site where you can read them for free by clicking here.

Issue 79 - 1995
The "Surreal" issue
Includes notes on Surrealist poetry in English by Geoff Stevens and poems by Laurie Calhoun, John Coldwell, Michael Newman, Sam Smith, Maureen Weldon, steve Sneyd, D.F. Lewis and others.

Issue 100 - 2001
Includes Supplement issue "Twenty Five Years of Purple Patch"
Work by Julie Ashpool, Ivy Hudson, Robert Cole, David Weston, Giovanni Malito, Martin Holroyd and more.

Issue 124 - 2009
With regular gossip column and small press roundup
Poems by Niall McGrath, John Feakins, Kate Edwards, Dawn Bauling, Noel Williams, Ronnie Goodyer, Carla Scarano and others.

Click here to read and enjoy these very different issues, including a supplement to issue 100 which charts the history of this 34-year-old poetry magazine.

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