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Dandelion Arts Magazine
Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry
Literary Review
LRB (The London Review of Books)
Modern Poetry in Translation
The Moth
New Welsh Review
The North
PN Review
Poetry Ireland Review
Reach Poetry

Vol 45 No 4 / Vol 46 No 1
"Dwelling Places - an appreciation of John Burnside"
£12 (double issue)
ISBN: 978-0-902400-98-6
Poems by John Burnside
Essays by Zoe Brigley / Phillip Pass / Gemma Green
Poems by Robin Robertson / James Simpson / Peter Dale / Tim Liardet / Ian Parks / Josephine Balmer / Andy Brown / Zoe Brigley / Jaime Robles / Gemma Green / Louice C. Callaghan / Williams Oxley / Will Stone / Andrew McNeillie / Andrew Waterman / Aviva Dautch / Lynn Roberts / Melinda Lovell
Essays by David Borthwick / Andy Brown / Fiona Sampson
Poems by Lynne Wycherley / Tim Murdoch / Eleanor Hooker / Chris Hardy / Maitreyabandhu / Samantha Wynne Rhydderch / Alan Stubbs / Gary Allen / Jennie Osborne / India Russell / Sian Thomas / Omar Sabbagh / Patricia McCarthy / Terry Jones / Christopher Crawford / Mark Totterdell / Warren Stutely / Harry Guest
Peter Sirr on Valerio Magrelli
Tony Roberts on Elaine Feinstein
Ian Parks on Douglas Houston
Poems by Annemarie Ni Churreain and Richi McCaffery with notes by Aviva Dautch
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Alba (bilingual Spanish/English)
AlbaLondres issue
£5 (single issue)
ISSN: 2046-3936
David Roas "The Fantastic Element in Contemporary Spanish Narrative"
Tila Rodriguez-Past "The Great Gallery"
Rebeccy Dyer "Dream Tigers by Jorge Luis Borges"
Sebastian Pineda "Lowry"
Sam Solnick "Tuning Forks and Forking Paths: Borges' Gifts to Neil Gaiman"
Alex Marin "El final de Rocinante"
Richard Price "Three versions of Vallejo"
Marie Elia "Translations from San Juan de la Cruz"
Tim Atkins "Visual Translations of Carles Sindreu i Pons and Josep Maria Junoy"
Richard Parker "Tallaferro - Canigo Cant Quint"
Alfonso Grez
Ana Isable Barriero "Mother by Roisin Keane"
Ana Isabel Barreiro "From the book Serious Concerns by Wendy Cope"
John Havelda "Fejetlen"
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Issue 204
£8 (single issue) 
ISSN: 0002-6972
James Priestman / Michael Foreman / David Shook / Geoff Nicholson / Ken Cox / Naomi Frears / Richard Halpern / Nick Burbridge / John Harvey / Ken Cox / Miles Burrows / Sandra Glaze / Charles Shearer / Jane Deverson / Theresa Reilly-Cooper / Judy Gahagan / Donald Gardner/Mireille Fauchon / Jeremy Worman / Chris Pig Myfanwy / Tony Lucas / Michael Foreman / Vikram Kapur / Astrid Chesney / Sally Douglas / Robert Cole / Alan Blackwood / Michael Foreman / David Ball/ Christian Fumagalli / Suzanne Conway / Andrzej Maria Borkowski / Tony Dash / Jenny Lewis / Helena Nelson / Ron Sandford
Reviews: Ingram, Murray, Muldoon, Shuttle, Guest, Sail, Duran, Ozmen
Reviews: Wharton, Petrucci, Brownjohn, Burbridge, Tellegen, Jope, Greinke
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Issue 6 - May 2011
£5 (single issue)
ISSN: 2045-4686
R V Bailey / Second Light Network Poetry Competition 2010 Winners / Anna Adams / Anna Averbury / Caroline Carver / Jane Kierwan / Helen Moore / Catherine Temma Davidson / Jackie Fellague / Alex Josephy / Kaye Lee / Margaret Wilmot / Ann Alexander / Elizabeth Burns / Gill McEvoy / Anne Ryland / Anne Stewart / Josie Turner
Pia Tafdrup interviewed by Ruth O'Callaghan
Digital advice from Alison Brackenbury / June English / Lynda How / Myra Schneider / Anne Stewart
Katherine Gallagher revisits Australia
Jan Fortune-Wood and Alwyn Marriage "Breaking the Glass Ceiling part 2"
Alison Hill on Recordings at the Southbank Centre
Anne Cluysenaar on Mary MacRae's "Inside the Brightness of Red"
Myra Schneider on Penelope Shuttle's "Sandgrain and Hourglass"
Kay Syrad on Pascale Petit's "What the Water Gave Me" and Jo Shapcott's "Of Mutability"
Gill McEvoy on LindaRose Parkes' "Night Horses" Ruth O'Callaghan's "Goater's Alley" and Alison McVety's "Miming Happiness"
Linda Rose Parkes on Eleanor Cooke's "The Return", Helen Ivory's "The Breakfast-Machine" and Marilyn Longstaff's "Raiment"
Dilys Wood on Elizabeth Burns, Jane Duran, Gill McEvoy, Sue MacIntyre, Anne Phillips
Ruth O'Callaghan on "Seeking Refuge" anthology
Dilys Wood on Ann Alexander, Liz Almond, R V Bailey, Yvonne Green, Chris Kinsey, Gill Learner, Hilary Menos, Jane Monson, Sue Moules, Gill Nicholson, Rosy Wilson, the Shed Poets
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Issue 64/3
£4 (single issue)
ISSN: 2040-8826
C.J. Allen / John Brook / Matt Bryden / Derrick Buttress / Caroline Cook / Bethany Helen Durham / Robert Etty / Robin Ford / Marc Forster / Michael Henry /Michael Jennings / Lance Lee / Tim Love / Richie McCaffrey / Ayelet McKenzie / Stephen C. Middleton / Micahel Mott / Emmaline O'Dowd / David Olsen / Caroline Price / Carol Rowntree Jones / Michael Swan / Bob Tristram / Huw Watkins / Charles Wilkinson / Alession Zanelli
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Issue 71
EURO 5.99 (single issue)
ISSN: 1393-2985
Joseph Allen / Leland Bardwell / Juana Bignozzi / Kieran Furey / Ndrek Gjini / Richard W. Halperin / James Harpur / Simon Jackson / Teresa Lally / Leo Lavery / Naton Leslie / Brian Leyden / Tom MacIntyre / Nicholas McLachlan / Patrick Maddock / Patrick Moran / Caitriona Ni Chleirchin / Patricia O'Callaghan / Ger Reidy / Tadhg Russell / Janet Shepperson / Donna Sorensen / Richard Tillinghast / Robert Anthony Welch / Macdara Woods / Vincent Woods / Howard Wright / Liam Aungier / Lucy E.M. Black / Rita Jacob / Sean Hutton / Brian Lalor
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Dandelion Arts Magazine (international)
Issue 49
£17 (annual 2 issues)
24 Frosty Hollow, East Hunsbury, Northants NN4 OSY
ISSN: 0969-9430
J Gonzalez-Marina / David Clarke / Peter Dean / Jane Fell / S.P. Lloyd-Price / Marlene J. Bennetts / Neil Leadbeater / Teresa Jacobson-Gonzalez / Paul Wilkins / Tim Cloudsley / Colin Arnold / Philip H. Simmons / John Greeves / Anne Cloudsley / D.N. Simmers / Gregory Paul / Peter Harris / Robert Black / Nick Monks
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Spring 2011 - Vol. 11 Issue 1 
ISSN: 1474-418X
Peter Asher / Chris Hardy / Henry Blake / A C Evans / Donna Salisbury / Mike Vwynne / J A McGowan / Mark Floyer / Malcolm Currie / Sally Plumb / K F Daly / Paul Norcross / Sharon Lansbury / Khalid Khan / Paul Murphy / Laura Welton / Christopher Barnes / Kevin Kiely / Peter Lansley / Tony Sainsbury / Marc Carver / Philip Beverley / Cathryn M Spiller / Brendan Sharp / Kadeem Beresford James / Mandy Ducksbury / Tony Sainsbury / James Findlay / Geoffrey Winch / Peter Asher / T. Anders Carson / A C Evans
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Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry
Vol. 3 No. 1 March 2011
£18 (annual subscription)
ISSN: 1758-2733
Fractalizing the Front Line: Brixton in the poetry of Allen Fisher and Linton Kwesi Johnson (Will Mongomery)
Treasure Islands: Douglass Oliver, Hannah Arendt, Rene Char, and the Pathos of Novelty (Simon Perril)
Exit Strategies: Some Problems of Commitment in Keston Sutherland's 'The Proxy Inhumanity of Forklifts' (Daniel Hayward)
Eric Mottram, Towards Design in Poetry
Adriano Spatola, Toward Total Poetry
Johan De Wit, No Hand Signals
Sean Bonney, Document
(all reviewed by Giles Goodland)
Angela Leighton, On Form: Poetry, Aestheticism, and the Legacy of a Word
(reviewed by Robert Sheppard)
John Clay, Sensation, Contemporary Poetry and Deleuze
(reviewed by Patricia Farrell)
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Literary Review
May 2011
£3.50 (single issue) 
ISBN: 977014443605805
(Sel. Contents):
Poems by Stephen Horsfall / Nick Syrett / Noel Petty / DA Prince
JOHN MONTAGUE - W B Yeats & George Yeats: The Letters - ed by Ann Saddlemyer
DAISY HAY - Byron in Geneva: That Summer of 1816 by David Ellis
ERIC ORMSBY - The Anatomy of Influence: Literature as a Way of Life by Harold Bloom
LAETITIA RUTHERFORD - Letters to Madeleine by Guillaume Apollinaire
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LRB (London Review of Books)
Vol. 33 No. 10 - 19th May 2011
£3.20 (single issue) 
ISBN: 977026095911010
(Sel. Contents):
Poem by Daljit Nagra
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Modern Poetry in Translation
Third Series - Number 15
£4 (single issue) 
ISBN: 978-0-9559064-6-6
Editorial David and Helen Constantine
Paula Ludwig -
translated from the German by Martina Thomson
Primo Levi - translated from the Italian by Marco Sonzogni and Harry Thomas
Oliver Reynolds
John E. Smelcer - translated from Ahtna Athabaskan by the author
Ho Chi Minh's Prison Diary - translated from the Vietnamese by Timothy Allen
Sándor Márai - Unknown Chinese Poet, translated from the Hungarian by John M. Ridland and Peter Czipott
Cesare Pavese - translated from the Italian by Martin Bennett
Archilochus - translated from the Ancient Greek by William Heath
Yorgos Soukoulis - translated from the Arvanitika by Peter Constantine
Konstantinos Sampanis - translated from the Greek by Peter Constantine
Osip Mandelstam - translated from the Russian by Andrew Mayne, Peter France and Alex Cigale
Vladimir Mayakovsky - translated from the Russian by Stephen Capus
Larisa Miller and Boris Altshuler - interviewed by Sasha Dugdale
Poets of 'The Executed Renaissance' - translated from the Ukrainian by Steve Komarnyckyj
János Pilinszky - translated from the Hungarian by Clive Wilmer and George Gömöri
Tara Bergin - 'Stag-Boy'
Rachida Madani - translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker
Vlado Kreslin - translated from the Slovenian by Urska Charney
Tudor Arghesi - translated from the Romanian by Anne Beresford
Bertolt Brecht - translated from the German by David Constantine
Ludvík Kundera - translated from the Czech by Ian Hilton
Maria-Mercè Marçal - translated from the Catalan by Anna Crowe
Galina Gamper and Galina Usova - translated from the Russian by Grainne Tobin, Natasha Cuddington, and Ann Zell
Dvora Amir - translated from the Hebrew by Jennie Feldman
Jennie Feldman
Amarjit Chandan
- translated from the Punjabi by the author, Ajmer Rode and John Welch
Olivia McCannon
François Villon
- translated by Jane Tozer
Miriam Valencia on Francis Jones's Mak Disdar
Moniza Alvi on Amarjit Chandan's Sonata for Four Hands
Saradha Soobrayen, Further Reviews
Helen and David Constantine, Notes on Two Books
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The Moth
Issue 4: Spring
£4 (single issue)
ISSN: 2009-308X
Tishani Doshi / Lamorna Elmer / Henry Plunkett / Daragh Breen / Paul Keenan / Mairead Donnellan / Rita Jacob / Bernard O'Donoghue / Evan Costigan / Helena Nolan / Shane Connaughton / Ciaran Tobin / Russell Helms / Roddy Lumsden / Lorraine Mariner / Agop Hacikyan / Peter Fallon / Jessica Traynor / Niamh Boyce / Andrew Elliott / Richard W. Halperin / Joshua Cohen / Adam Wyeth

An interview with Christine Dwyer Hickey
An interview with Leanne O'Sullivan
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New Welsh Review
Issue 92
£5.99 (single issue)
ISSN: 0954-2116

See - Richard Gwyn and Horatio Clare at Hay
Pulp Kitchen - Gee Williams on the Wallander phenomenon
Trade Winds - Euan Thorneycroft's view from the agent's desk
Rich Text - Patrick McGuiness on writing his Ceausescu-era campus novel
Maps of the Dead - Kirsti Bohata on Tristan Hughes and rural gothic
Page to Stage, Past to Present - Dai George on adapting Gwyn Thomas
European City Tales - Helen Constantine on short fiction for the citybreaker
Slaughterhouse Field - Maria Donovan's response to Margiad Evans' 'Turf or Stone'
The Elephant's Wife - Roshi Fernando
Outer Mongolia - Angharad Penrhyn Jones
Emily Hinshelwood, Elyse Fenton, Hilary Menos, Ruth Bidgood, Judy Brown
Matthew Francis on Philip Gross
Lloyd Jones on Richard Gwyn and Niall Griffiths
John Redmond on Oliver Reynolds
Suzy Ceulan Hughes on Zillah Bethell and Emma Donoghue
Anthony Reynolds on John Williams
Jon Gower on Ned Thomas and John Barnie
Greg Hill on Daniel Huws' "Memories of Ted Hughes"
Cathryn Charnell-White on Niall Griffiths
Jeni Williams on Menna Gallie
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The North
Issue 47 "25 Years in the North"
£8 (single issue)
ISSN: 0269-9885
Poems by...
Paul Bentley, Christy Ducker, Maitreyabandhu, David Tait, James Caruth, Anthony Adler, Fay Musselwhite, Ian Gregson, Mike Jenkins, Matt Black, Lorna Shaughnessy, Philip Gross, Jackie Wills, Holly Hopkins, Hubert Moore, Peter Finch, Philip Rush, Padraig O'Morain, V Hinkling, Daljit Nagra, Ann Pilling, Joel Scarfe, Joanna Grigg, Rebecca Farmer, Howard Wright, Patricia Ace, Alison Brackenbury, Mark Hinchliffe, Richard Aronowitz, Karin Slater, Robert Graves, Michael Drayton, Moniza Alvi, Eavan Boland, Edwin Morgan, Francis Thompson, Hugh MacDiarmid, John Keats, John Milton, Kwame Dawes, Christian Campbell, Jennifer Rahim, Jacqueline Bishop, Dorothea Smartt, Tanya Shirley, Ishion Hutchinson, Nii Ayikwei Parkes, Sheila Hamilton, Tim Cresswell, Maria Taylor, Ed Reiss, Nell Farrell and Bill Griffiths.
And 25-word poems by...
Gillian Allnutt, Catherine Benson, Gerard Benson, Alison Brackenbury, Peter Carpenter, Gillian Clarke, Andy Croft, Neil Curry, Amanda Dalton Maura Dooley, Ian Duhig, Janet Fisher, Harry Guest, Geoff Hattersley, Naomi Jaffa, Michael Laskey, Pippa Little, John Lyons, Michael Mackmin, John McAuliffe, Michael McCarthy, Andrew McMillan, Ian McMillan, Allison McVety, Hubert Moore, Graham Mort, Paul Munden, Dean Parkin, Jane Routh, Michael Schmidt, Catherine Smith, John Whale, Anthony Wilson, Steven Waling, River Wolton and Cliff Yates.
Reviews by
Cliff Yates, Diana Hendry, David Troupes, Kath McKay, Janet Fisher, River Wolton, Neil Curry, Wendy Klein, Paul Stephenson, Anthony Wilson, Stuart Pickford, Hubert Moore, Jonathan Davidson, Margaret Speak, Noel Williams, and Liz Cashdan.
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Issue 155 Spring 2011
£5 (single issue)
John Whitehouse on Gerard Manley Hopkins
Lines on Lines
Readers' Award 154
Interview with Pascale Petit by Katrina Naomi
By Alison Brackenbury, Clairr O'Connor, Keith Payne and Peter Salisbury
Ruth Arnison / Liam Aspin / Linda Benninghoff / Norman Buller / Marianne Burton / Derrick Buttress / Miles Cain / Laura Ciraolo / Angela Croft / Martyn Crucefix / Joe Dresner / Dr Jackie Fellague / Victoria Field / Jeanie Greensfelder / Jenny Hamlett / Grajam High / Doreen Hinchliffe / Jenny Hockney / Harry Jones / Will Kemp / Anna Kisby / Anthony Madrid / Alwyn Marriage / Andrew Marstand / Richie McCaffrey / Maighread Medbh / Richard Mullen / Christopher Mulrooney / Clairr O'Connor / Michael D. Riley / Liz Rowlands / Alison Salisbury / M.A. Schaffner / Joan Sheridan Smith / K.V. Skene / Paul Sohar / Sheila Spence / Alan Spencer / Anne Stewart / Richard Toovey / Rory Waterman / Louise Wilford / Charles Wilkinson / F.J. Williams
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May 2011
£3 (single issue) 
Poems by:
Kay Ryan / Dana Gioia / Sasha Dugdale / Franz Wright / James Arthur / Fanny Howe / Stephen Yenser / Josh Wild / Sophie Cabot Black / Tess Taylor / Malachi Black / Wendy Videlock / Sarah Linsay / Mark Irwin
Comment by:
Clive James / Robert Archambeau / Carolyn Forche
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PN Review
Vol 37: No 5 May-June 2011
£6.99 (single issue) 
ISBN: 978 1 84777 038 7
Our Own Mags - Neil Powell
Letter from Wales - Sam Adams
The Man Who Stayed Awake In His Delirium - Adnan al-Sayegh
Letter from Slovakia - James Sutherland-Smith
on George Whitman's Ninety-Seventh - Margo Berdeshevsky
Concurrent Sentences - Frank Kuppner
From the Bow-Wow Shop 4 - Michael Glover
Matías Serra Bradford interviews Roger Langley
Charles Mundye on Roger Langley as a teacher
Poems by:
Arthur Rimbaud (translated by John Ashbery) / Gwyneth Lewis / Lucy Tunstall / James Womack / Yang Zi (translated by Ye Chun, Melissa Tuckey and Fiona Sze-Lorrain) / Edward Baugh / Michael McKimm / Alison Brackenbury / Julith Jedamus / Michael Symmons Roberts / Christoph Meckel (translated by Christopher Middleton) / Robert Saxton / Christopher Middleton / John Mallett / Edward Ragg / Marina Tsvetaeva (translated by Christopher Whyte)
R. W. Maslen - Mervyn Peake's Illustrations for Rhymes Without Reason (1944)
Iain Bamforth - Catchwords 12
Jeffrey C. Robinson - A Burst of Romantic Poetry
Ian Brinton - England in the Sixties
Tony Roberts - Sunlight on the Poet: Louis MacNeice
Thomas Day - in conversation with Michael Symmons Roberts
André Naffis-Sahely - A Single-Minded Homer: On Christopher Logue's War Music
R.J. Caldwell - Culture Counts: Roger Scruton on Art, Religion, and Philosphy
John McAuliffe on The Penguin Book of Irish Poetry
Will Eaves on Anthony Astbury's A Field of Large Desires
Henry King on Geoffrey Hill's Oraclau/Oracles
André Naffis-Sahely on Valerio Magrelli
Gerry McGrath on Toon Tellegen
James Keery on Kevin Nolan
Alex Wylie on Jeremy Over and Matthew Welton
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Poetry Ireland Review
EUR 9.99 (single issue)
ISBN: 1-902121-41-4
Poems by:
Derek Mahon / Luke Morgan / Jean O'Brien / Kate Dempsey / John Redmond / Gerard Smyth / Ron Houchin / Killian O'Donnell / J S Robinson / Mary O'Donnell / Lynley Edmeades / Annemarie Ni Churreain / Stuart Barnes / Edward Reilly / Thomas Dillon Redshaw / Kerry Hardie / Paul Perry / John McAuliffe / Tom French / Tom Mathews / Andrew Elliott / Zoe Brigley / Gary Allen / Kathy Mac / Nick Laird / Lauren Norton / Donna Sorensen / Sean Borodale
S D Tucker - W B Yeats and the occult
Liam Carson - Bob Dylan's 'Tangled up in Blue'
Sean Lysaght - What is Eco-Poetry?
Benjamin Keatinge reviews Dave ordan, Philip McDonagh, Ger Reidy
Jonathan Ellis reviews Philip Larkin's Letters to Monica
Eamon Grennan reviews Derek Mahon
Richard Hayes reviews Siobhan Campbell, Moyra Donaldson, Shirley McClure, Kevin Higgins, Iggy McGovern, Damian Smyth
Catherin Toal reviews Sara Berkeley, Peter Sirr, Fiona Sampson
Michael O'Loughlin reviews Alan Moore, Mark Granier
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Reach Poetry
Issue 152 May 2011
£4 (single issue)
ISSN: 1461-1112
Ronnie Goodyer / Joanna Lynham / Jenna Plewes / Norman Bissett / David Norris-Kay / Adrian Brett / Cedric Murcott / Seema Gill / Roger Harvey / Joan Corney / Alison Lock / Linus Lyszkowska / Christine May Turner / Laurence Tierney / LauraJane Friedlander / Patrick B Osada / Ruth Sabath Rosenthal / Joan Sheridan Smith / Ginny Sullivan / Peter Butler / Geoff Stevens / Eileen Carney Hulme / Graha Woodall / Sue Johnson / Wendy Webb / Robert Leach / Neil Leadbeater / Peter Day / Brian Blackwell / Lynne Munn / Wendy Mary Lister / Rowena M Love / Joanna Lynham / Caroline Gill / Catherine Graham / Bernard M Jackson / Norman Harrington / Fay C Davies / Norman Brown / Joy Saunders / Christine Flowers / Ted Harriott / Eric Langford / Dawn Bauling
The Journey to Mount Kailash by Robert Leach
The Maggots of Selfish Time by Brian Blackwell
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Issue 140 Summer 2011
£3 (single issue)
Paul Winter / Don Nixon / Alison Corlett / Collette Clewley / Elizabeth Leaper / Mary Charman-Smith / Robert Irwin / Joe Massingham / Stephen Bass / Bernard Jackson / Dave Austin / Hilary Cope / John Waddington-Feather / Brian Smith / Brian Ellis / Della Taylor-Leake / Susan Rogerson / Doug Reynoldson / Roger Elkin / Helen Larham /Anne Marina Jones / Polly Wharram / Colin Campbell / Pam Wyatt / Roger Jeffries / Denise Bennett / Diane Simkni / Anne Clegg / Sylvia Hadley / Harry Crompton-fils / Chrstine Turner / Ian Trevor / Alfred Looney / Michael Spilberg / Huw Lloyd / Ann Livesey / Iris Fisher / Pat Moneypenny / Hazel Reeves / Maggie Simmonds / Joy Saunders / Kate Murray / Bill Petty / Bruce Corlett / Anders Larches / Pauline Hawekesworth / Sue Shedden / Ann Rust / Brian Rickell / Catherine Proffitt / Barbara Robinson / Jill Thomas / Kath Crane / Cliff Chetta / Pauline Love / Delia Harvey / David Griffiths / Richard Labram / Peggy Medlicott / Jean Hayes / Joy Lello / Kate Rowland / Norma Smith / Phil Powley / Albert Oxford / Margaret Brewster / Malcolm Currie / Lorna Harding / Raymond Foster / John Beer / Alan Firth / Ruth Parker / J. Anthony Rock / Clive Thomas / Richard Hassell / Nigel Mundee / Sheila Grundy / Allister Fraser / Lilian Parker / Mollie Bolt / Paul Winter / Vi Yapp
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Issue 110
£3.50 (single issue) 
ISSN: 0307 7276

Christopher Barnes / Denise Bennett / R.G. Bishop / Norma Bissett / Lesley Carty / Rohan Chhetri / Kitty Coles / Andrew Collins / Martin Cook / Robert Ensor / Anne Grant / Chris Hardy / Michael Henry / Ivy Hudson / Antony Johae / Peter Johnson / Noel King / Tim Love / A.A. Marcoff / Richie McCaffery / Patrick McEvoy / Ashby McGowan / Christopher Mulrooney / Robert Nisbet / Miriam Patrick / Cedric Pickin / Chris Powici / Zbigniew Sas / Anne Sherry / Nicholas Shurmer / Fiona Sinclair / Belinda Singleton / K.V. Skene / Joan Sheridan Smith / Leilanie Stewart / Rosemary Wagner / Val Waters / Joanna M. Weston / Geoffrey Winch / Landa Wo
Reviews by Stella Stocker
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