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Poetry Parnassus | 25-May-12

What was Poetry Parnassus? 
Southbank Centre hosted the UK's largest gathering of the world's poets between 26 June - 1st July 2012. Inspirational authors from across the globe gave readings and masterclass workshops with over 100 free events and activities.

The festival also included readings, workshops and discussions, a spectacular rain of poems dropped from the sky over Jubilee Gardens, and a World Record Anthology containing a poem by each visiting poet.

How did the Library celebrate Poetry Parnassus?
The Library hosted the launch of Modern Poetry in Translation magazine (you can read the Parnassus section of their issue online on our magazines site or you can listen to a recording of the event inside the Library). It was also home to a writing desk where all of the visiting poets hand-wrote a copy of their poem for us, on hand-made paper, to be kept in the Library's collection. You will be able to see the desk when you next visit the Library!

Where can international poems be read online? 
Visit the Poetry Parnassus site where you'll find information about each of the visiting poets. You can also read the Parnassus section of Modern Poetry in Translation magazine on our magazines website

Many of the visiting poets donated books to our collection, and we hope you will look them up next time you visit the Library. We had great fun in celebrating this groundbreaking event, in what may well have been the biggest gathering of international poets in world history!

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