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Franz Ferdinand Immortalise The Poetry Library | 16-Apr-05

Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand told the Guardian this week that the opening song of their Mercury Award winning album was inspired by a scene from The Poetry Library. The song, Jacqueline, is about Jacqueline Cameron who worked as a Library Assistant in The Poetry Library between 1993-1995. According to Kapranos, Jacqueline was seranaded at the front desk by a long-time visitor to the Library: Ivor Cutler. Kapranos says: "A friend of mine - a girl called Jacqueline - worked in a Poetry Library in London that Ivor Cutler used to visit. She became good friends with him, and went round to his house for tea a few times."

The song begins:

Jacqueline was seventeen
Working on the desk of the Poetry Library
When Ivor
Peered above a spectacle
Forgot that he had wrecked a girl
Sometimes these eyes
Forget the face they're peering from
When the face they peer upon
Well, you know
That face as i do
And how in the return of that gaze
She can return you the face
That you are staring from

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