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Share your Poetry Library memories | 14-Jun-12

This year the Poetry Library celebrates its collection now spanning over 100 years of poetry from 1912 to the present day. In the run up to London Literature Festival, poet and storyteller Rachel Rose Reid is in Residence, riffling through the Library's shelves and the memories of its members which she will share on the LitFest blog and to be included in a zine created on the evening of the Live and on Loan event.

Share your memories with Rachel by responding to the following questions.  Copy, paste and email your answers to


Location:           Where I'd rather be right now (if anywhere):

Actual age:        Age inside:

How long have you belonged to the Poetry Library? Do you come here often? Any moments of inspiration, unusual meetings or events here that you remember with great clarity? Care to share?

Is there a particular genre or poet whose work you regularly borrow from the Library? Why?

What feelings and memories are conjured in you by the smell of books?

Do you have a poem that you wrote as a child or teenager? Feel free to share it here (we'd might share it on the London LitFest blog, so let us know if you'd rather not)

What does poetry provide you with that other forms of writing do not?

Why a Library for Poetry?

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