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Active Reading at the Poetry Library | 24-Oct-12

Poets and Poetry Library users, Rebecca Cremin and Ryan Ormonde, have begun a collaborative project which may be of interest to other library users.  It involves them reading new poetry at the library and recording their immediate reactions to the work online. The series is entitled press free press RESPOND and the first collaborative reading involved Sarah Kelly and S. J. Fowler's Ways of describing cuts and Robert Hampson's Out of sight.

This is how they describe the process:

Each month we choose two publications available to read in the Poetry Library - the selection is based on browsing and instinct.

We are mostly interested in reading new work.

In the library we each have 20 minutes to read each publication.

Outside the library we are talking and writing in response: talking (5 minutes) / writing (5 minutes) / reading each other / repeat x 4.

Resulting 12 documents are unedited recordings of live talking and unedited transcriptions of live writing.

We hope this series will encourage dialogue between poets and books.

The first reading is online here

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