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Call for submissions: SABLE Litmag | 12-Jan-14

SABLE Litmag seeks submissions for a special digital edition

Publicity material given:

Submissions are now being sought for a special digital edition of SABLE Litmag ? featuring Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Questioning/Queer, and Intersex 'of color'* International Perspectives, due for publication in late 2014.

Fa'afafine-Wasagaj -Mati-Ambiguou-Zami-Bullahs-Bading-Battymen-Masisis-Fags-Homos-Queers-Ladyboys-Dykes-Lesbians-Macommeres-Mahu-Zwittrigs-Poofs-Tortillera-Aikane-Madivin-Two~Spirited-Lesbisch-hogas -Hijras-Maricones-Pédés-Schwulen-Wiccas-Tomboys-Trannies ...

We are specifically seeking submissions for the following sections:  
Please visit the Sable website for fuller details on each section and read the Submission Notes for guidelines of how to present and send your work to us.

SABLE Litmag - LGBTQI of color International Perspectives will highlight the work of ethnically and culturally diverse LGBTQI writers 'of color'*, that will in its sum total reflect a diversity of LGBTQI's 'of color' perspectives.

SABLE Litmag - LGBTQI International Perspectives will give a contemporary perspective towards our past, present and future, an attractive and irreverent window into a vast array of literature, art and culture. We are looking for fresh writing, that takes a 21st Century look at our diversity and particular expressions of life - sexuality, gender and beyond! Work that revels in our own cultural specificities, subjectivity, community and individual voices.

Andra Simons & Dorothea Smartt
Guest Co-Editors

LIFELINE for submissions EXTENDED to:  MON 31 MARCH 2014
Please address enquiries or questions regarding this issue to this email

Note: Contributors of essays and articles are not required to be 'of color' or LGBTQI, however the topic/subject of their writing must focus on LGBTQI 'of color' literature, art or culture.

*Self-identified LGBTQI 'of color' - include but are not limited to people of African, Arab, Asian, Caribbean, Central American, First Nation/Indigenous, Latin, Maori, and Native American descent and/or mixed heritage.

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