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Request a poem on 'Poetry Please' | 23-Jan-14

Poetry Please - be part of the nation's poetic pulse

Presented by Roger McGough, BBC Radio 4's 'Poetry Please' is the longest running (and now probably only) poetry request show on any radio station anywhere in the world. Broadcast on many Sundays across the year at 4.30pm (and available on the BBC iPlayer) please be part of that ongoing weekly dialogue between much loved poems ancient and modern by requesting your favourites here: It really helps the production team if you share the reasons for choosing your poems - the stories we tell that link us to the poems opens up a whole new way of listening to them. Anything goes - contemporary poetry, villanelles by villains, Modernist verse that refuses to rhyme, Slam poetry, good old ababab limericks and beyond, poetry for children, pieces half-remembered from school - we'd like to be able to compile the programmes from your requests for as wide a variety of poetry in English (and translation) as possible. Poetry on the radio, read by great actors and sometimes the poets themselves, lifts the work off the page right into our ears, where it belongs. Make it a habit to request often. It's only a click away!

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