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Launch of Postcards of Hope website | 19-Apr-14

Postcards of Hope:

Publicity material for this announcement says:

Rachel Kelly, author of Black Rainbow, has teamed up with the charity United Response to launch a website called 'Postcards of Hope'.

One of the reasons Rachel Kelly wrote Black Rainbow was to bring hope to others. That's why the author has teamed up with the charity United Response to launch a website called 'Postcards of Hope'. This is an online gallery where you can read the healing words and images which have helped others through difficult times, and share what has inspired you.
It's quick and simple to create your postcard online, or you can make a physical one at home and send it through the post. Is your inspiration a line of poetry, a phrase from a novel, the words of a song or an uplifting image? Maybe you've written or painted something hopeful yourself? Whatever it is, we want to hear from you. Once you've created your postcard, you can also send it directly to a loved one who might need some comfort. Go to  to find out how to be part of this powerful project.

More information about Black Rainbow by Rachel Kelly

Sixteen years ago Rachel Kelly was a working mother and Times journalist. For no visible reason she went from feeling mildly anxious to being completely unable to function in the space of three days. Married with two children, ambitious, happy in her career and home-life, she had no idea that depression could happen so swiftly, and could involve such physical pain. This was the beginning of her sixteen-year battle with depression.

Black Rainbow describes Rachel's slow climb to recovery with the aid of various approaches: especially the healing power of poetry. It analyses why poetry can be one answer to depression - for one, words are free and have no side-effects - and asks why women seem more susceptible to depression than men. As well as Rachel's personal story, the book doubles as an anthology of consolatory poems. It is published by Hodder & Stoughton. The book's companion app, also called Black Rainbow, contains everything that helped the author recover from depression: from healing poems and prose extracts read by acclaimed actors and broadcasters, to guided relaxations, sleep audios and diet plans. All author proceeds from the book and app are being given to the charities SANE and United Response.

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