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Carol Ann Duffy's poem - front page of Guardian | 21-Sep-14

The poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, has delivered a poem on the Scottish independence referendum, a day after the 55%-45% No verdict.  It is published on the front page of Saturday's Guardian. Duffy was born in the Gorbals in Glasgow, and is the first Scot to have been appointed poet laureate. 
September 2014
Tha gaol agam ort *
A thistle can draw blood,
                                            so can a rose,
growing together
where the river flows, shared currency,
across a border it can never know:
where, somewhen, Rabbie Burns might swim,
or pilgrim Keats come walking
out of love for him.
                                  Aye, here's to you,
cousins, sisters, brothers,
in your bold, brave, brilliant land:  
the thistle jags our hearts,
take these roses,
                             from our bloodied hands.
*I love you
Carol Ann Duffy

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