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Brando's Hat | 19-Jul-05

Brando's Hat is being revived. Picking up where it left off some three years ago, this simple all-poetry magazine will resume its unique role in the poetry market as one of the only magazines that showcases poets specifically through longer batches of work, rather than individual poems. Brando's is now seeking short groups of poems (4-6), poem-sequences, and medium length pieces - with a particular emphasis on emerging poets. It is looking for adventurous and lively poetry that moves, provokes and resonates. Freshness is all. Send 10 pages of poetry, or six poems, whichever is shorter, to Steven Waling (Editor), Flat 1a 17, Mauldeth Road, Withington, Manchester M20 4NE. 

Brando's ran from '99 to 2002 as a unique little mag in the poetry circuit, offering a rare opportunity for poets to showcase their work in short sequences or batches of poems, rather than in just one's or two's. The idea of the magazine was not just to showcase new poetry, but to carve out a space in which readers could listen to, and get to know the voice of a poet, especially emerging, maturing poets. It also encouraged longer poems and poem-sequences.

After shutting up shop in 2002, we're delighted to announce that Brando's is back - planning its first relaunch issue this October, under the editorship of Steve Waling and Fran Pridham (former co-editor Sean Body is standing down). The magazine will be quarterly, as before, and will be published under the auspices of the Manchester-based publisher Comma Press.

Brando's is indebted to the ACE-funded Northwest Library Magazine Initiative coordinated by Time to Read, Literature Northwest and CIDS (the Creative Industries Development Services).

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