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The Great War at Sea Poetry Project | 11-Sep-15

The Great War at Sea Poetry Project encourages research into poetry that uses the sea as a setting for human conflict during World War I along with other sea-themed poetry written during the war.

The project has featured work by more famous poets such as Rudyard Kipling, Isaac Rosenberg, H.D (Hilda Doolittle), D H Lawrence, but also by lesser known poets such as Cicely Fox Smith, Editha Jenkinson, Paul Bewsher, Wiflrid Gibson. Edward Hilton Young, Miles Jeffrey Game Day. They are always looking for examples of this genre in 'forgotten' anthologies and newspapers or magazines. 

Ultimately the aim is to consider how poetry of this nature fits into the spectrum of war poetry but also the wider tradition of English language sea based poetry. 

Visit the website here. There is also a blog, which will soon include World War II at sea poetry too. 

'YEARS ahead, years ahead,
Who shall honour our sailor-dead?
For the wild North Sea, the bleak North Sea,
Threshes and seethes so endlessly.
Gathering foam and changing crest
Heave and hurry, and know no rest :
How can they mark our sailor-dead
In the years ahead?
Time goes by, time goes by,'

Guy N. Pocock
(P.100 of 'Modern Poetry' edited by Guy N. Pocock -1920)

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