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New Ted Hughes biography reveals various controversies | 28-Sep-15

In his biography of Ted Hughes, Sir Jonathan Bate, provost of Worcester College, Oxford, used new evidence - including Hughes' lover's diary - to piece together details of Sylvia Plath's final weekend. He had "full access, unlike earlier biographers" to Hughes's archives in the US and used British Library papers.

The biography reveals the events leading up to the night of Plath's suicide, which resulted in a poem by Hughes. Bates writes that the poem, 'Last Letter', was inspired by a row the couple had had days earlier when Plath told Hughes she was going to leave the country. The book also says that Hughes was in bed with another women on the night of Plath's death.

Furthermore, the biography claims that the former poet laureate's decision to leave his entire estate to his second wife, which led to a bitter family feud, may have been simply motivated by a desire to avoid tax.

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