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Whitman Week - call for papers | 05-Jan-16

The Transatlantic Walt Whitman Association has announced an open call for papers as part of the annual Whitman Week.

"British Whitman"

To be held at the University of Exeter on June 4, 2016

The first foreign edition of Whitman's poetry was published in London, in 1868 - by William Michael Rossetti - and Poems by Walt Whitman was vital in circulating Whitman's poetry around the British Isles and British Empire. In fact visitors to Britain are likely to have discovered Whitman through Rossetti's agency rather than in the original US editions (this is one of the theories around Rimbaud's putative familiarity with Whitman).

Possible topics for discussion include (though are not limited to): the literary and political impact of Rossetti's selection; Whitman's standing in English-speaking countries outside the US; Whitman's fraught relationship to "feudal" Britain and how it resonated with the struggles of colonised peoples; class- and gender-based interpretations of Whitman in Britain; Whitmanian discipleship in Britain; and Whitmanian comradeship and evolving mores and laws in Britain and its former colonies; connections and disjunctions between Whitman's political aspirations and the Victorian "white man's burden".

One-page abstracts of paper proposals to be sent electronically, no later than February 15 2016, to all four symposium organisers.

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