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Arc Publications launches Translatory | 21-Mar-16

A new free app, Translatory, contains a selection of poems published by Arc Publications, in a range of languages.

Arc's general mission statement is to introduce English-speaking readers to poets who they may not haven't encountered before, but who are very well-known in their home countries. Translatory is part of this.

How does it work?

Each poem is split up into "expressions", either a single word or a short phrase. Translators have provided Arc with several different translations into English of each expression. The user chooses a poem, then goes through it, expression by expression, choosing their favourite translation. In this way they build up their own translation of the whole poem, without having to know the original language. They can also add their own translation for each expression if they prefer. Once they have finished, they can save their complete translation and then share on social media.

The app is designed for ages 12 and up. Arc want it to be equally appealing to schoolchildren, translation students, academics, and the general public of all ages. Users can expect regular updates with new poems to test their translation skills and to be introduced to new languages, cultures and ideas.

For more details and to download your free version of Translatory visit iTunes or GooglePlay for Android.

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