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Shanghati Oral History Project: call out for poets! | 30-Mar-16

The Shanghati Oral History Project aims to unearth the expansive heritage of Bengali poetry in the East End of London between 1960 and 1980.

East London experienced major changes in the 1960s which redefined the area and how members of the local community interacted with each other. Social and political factors included immigration, the rise in racial attacks, the decline of local industries, the closure of docks and rising unemployment.

By recording the lives and poetry of Bengali and non-Bengali poets, this oral history project aims to gain a greater understanding of different experiences during this time.

Although the main aim is to collect memories of Bengali poets, the project would also like to hear from anyone from any background who lived in East London between 1960 to 1980 and wrote poems during that period.

The Shanghati Oral History Project are particularly interested in those who do not consider themselves to be professional poets but wrote poetry as a medium to deal with daily struggles and challenges or as a form of leisurely activity. There need be no theme to the poems. The main objective is to explore the thoughts of the everyday people of the East End during that period.

If you have a parent, relative or a friend who might be able to contribute to the project, please get in touch:

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