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Caterpillar Poetry Prizewinner Announced | 10-Jun-16

The winner of this year's Caterpillar Poetry Prize  is Laura Mucha, for her poem written in the form of a parting note from Cinderella to her 'Dear Ugly Sisters'. 

The prize, which is run by the same duo who publish the art and literature magazine The Moth and the 10,000 Euros Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize, is for an unpublished poem written by an adult for children aged 7 to 11. The winning poem features in the summer issue of The Caterpillar magazine, which was launched in 2013 as a junior version of The Moth, and features poems and stories from the likes of Michael Morpurgo, Ian Whybrow, John Hegley and Chrissie Gittins. 

'This one caught us off guard,' says publisher of The Caterpillar Will Govan. 'It made us laugh out loud. It's very witty, but it's also written with a deftness of touch that makes it seem like it must have been easy to write. And that in itself is quite an achievement.'

Laura Mucha, who is 33 and lives in London, worked as a face painter, studied flying trapeze and swam in Antarctica before becoming a lawyer. She relishes creating stories, characters and images for children, particularly when set to strict metre and rhyme. Over the last few years her poetry for children has been featured in a variety of magazines and anthologies (including The Caterpillar). 

The Caterpillar Poetry Prize - which consists of 1,000 Euros and publication in The Caterpillar - was launched last year and certainly proved invaluable to the inaugural winner, Louise Greig, who clinched a publishing deal as a direct result of her winning poem being read online. 
'I love writing poetry for children,' says this year's winner Laura, 'and believe it's one of the best ways of getting young people interested in language, reading and performance. I think The Caterpillar Poetry Prize is an important award, particularly as there are so few outlets for children's poets, and it's a huge honour to have won it.'


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