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How much have you been paid for performances and readings? | 14-Dec-16

The Society of Authors want to hear from you. How much have you been paid for performances and readings? Take their survey now

The SoA are gathering observed fees for event appearances from poets and spoken word artists across the UK. From these, they plan to create a set of observed pay scales that poets can use to help make a fair valuation of their work and time. 

Tamar Yoseloff, Chair of the Poetry and Spoken Word Group Committee, in an interview with the Society of Authors:

"[I]t's time that this culture [of not offering payment for poetry commissions and readings] is challenged, and that artists and the people who support them are acknowledged and remunerated fairly. Craftspeople and artisans are paid for the work they do – it's easier to put a price on an object which has material presence[.] ... But poems are crafted objects too, and although their value is more difficult to pin down, the time and effort given in their making should be considered."
Share your recent experiences of events and help challenge an unfair culture. And please spread the word! Use the link:

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