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Writing on the Wall: Can Poetry Save the Planet? | 24-May-17

An Immersive Day of Eco-Poetry, Curated by Jay Ramsay
Saturday 3 June 3 10am-6pm
St John's Church Waterloo
Tickets: £20

Every so often in literary history particular moments of change arise that go unrecognised at the time - for example the publication of Wordsworth's and Coleridge's Lyrical Ballads of 1798 which radicalized poetic consciousness and language, both in terms of 'Imagination' and a distinct politics - a socialist politics in inspired by poetry rooted in Christian values, subsequently taken up by Shelley.

Today's ecological agenda has reached a boiling point, alongside events in the world as part of what Jay Ramsay refers to as 'the Great Transparency'. This has both to do with the amount and speed of information available, but it is something more - a spiritual process in which our situation, our values and the lack of them is being powerfully mirrored to us. It means we have to ask the important questions about what we are doing here and why: is it for ego? Or for life?

This landmark day of poetry, discussion and music is an evocation of this moment. It's a manifesto of what it means for us to come into an earth-centred literacy of feeling, awareness, linguistic expression and active participation in honouring Nature that challenges our anthropocentric normalcy, our 'Reason' in which we continue to assume we are of central importance in Creation.

The day includes workshops, music, talks and looking at poetry as sacred activism, the illusion of separation, eco-poetry and more. Curated by Jay Ramsay, and featuring Peter Owen Jones, Jeni Couzyn, Niall McDevitt, Caroline McCausland, Nigel Shaw, Aidan Andrew Dun and many other voices - including yours!

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