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Poetry in the Pews Competition Winners | 20-Mar-08

Poetry in the Pews
Adult and Childrens' Winners

St. Tavistock Parish Church was filled with 1,004 poems + 60 late arrivals. They were all on display in the pews until February the 25th.

The Children's Poetry judges Felicity Barnaby and Dr. Ann Pulsford were thrilled with the range and quality of the poetry and found it a very hard task to select the winners from over 300 children's entries from local schools and all over the UK.

The range of poetry submitted for judging to Elizabeth Maslen (Biographer) and Patricia Fawcett (Novelist) proved an equally challenging task. 

All the entries were submitted to the judges with only their number to identify them.

The Poetry in the Pews Team would like to produce an anthology of all these wonderful poems.  If we are able to find funding for to enable us to do this we will contact all the entrants to request their permission to use their poems.

We received entries from: 
All over England ( BURY in Lancs. were particularly productive)
Algeria, Australia, Canada, Italy, Morocco, New Zealand,
Tasmania, Lithuania, Ireland, Scotland, France, the USA and Moldova.       
First Prize:
I gaze at my new sapphire ring
And see the cornflowers
That you gave me
In the kissing fields of youth.
Mrs Dorothy V.J. Pope  From: Middx

Second  Prizes:
I love the thoughts that go between words
As in a poem
I love the silences between the words
When we are together
FW  From: Tavistock

Love waits in the strangest places,
In dusty shadows, around dark corners.
You walk that way, unthinking,
And suddenly, the world lights up.
Mary Beddal   From: Tavistock

Runners up (No prizes)

Love is...A pewter cat like the brooch she'd loved and lost,
sought long and found at last by him in Halifax;
...A simple line in answer to her hurried note,
which ended "Love, Lorraine".  "Certainly do", he wrote.
Lorraine Dawson  From: Bury, Lancs

I have waited for your smile since the spring
When the blackbird sang in the apple blossom
But now he pecks at the fallen apples
And hunts for insects in the dead leaves
LW         From: Tavistock

Wouldn't it be great to hug the world,
To hold every nation, creed and race in a big embrace,
To say out loud 'I love you',
Because we are all part of the human race.
Rose      From: Modbury

Your exuberant generosity in painting the sky with liquid light;
The unnecessary frivolity of puffins and giraffes; your microscopic care for detail shown in diatoms; the songs of the whale
and the ant: Facets of Your love for the world.
Mrs Patsy Robinson  From: Petersfield, Hants

Let not your lonely heart dispel the joyful moments past
Or mists of time cloud tender memories meant to last
Vanities slowly fade while gentle feelings linger on
Everlasting treasured thoughts, remembering one who's gone.
Ian Jenkins   From: Tavistock

Poetry in the Pews ? Children's Winners

Jack Childs-Watson (Aged 11) From: East Haddon
Mum of many talents
Other Mums cannot compare
Things like hugs are simple gifts
Everything you do for me is simply the best

David Farmer (Aged 11) From: St. Andrew's, Buckland  Monachorum
Love is a volcano:
It erupts and spreads its power;
A red hot molten glow,
That melts your heart.

Melanie Zelinda Brown (Aged 10) From : Lady Modiford's School, Walkhampton
Loving pets or family members, is definitely not the same,
As loving a piece of furniture or latest video game.
loving someone is easy when they are here today,
But the love for someone who's gone won?t ever go away.

Mariah Calvert    From St. Peters School
We open the gate to the path of Love,
Soaring magnifisantly like a dove,
Sharing the Love round and round,
Love is worth more than a million pound.

Ella Waddington (Aged 13)
From: Tavistock College
What is this thing called Love,
Where so many people are left behind?
And why is love so easy to lose,
And yet, so hard to find?

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