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Poems in the Waiting Room Worldwide | 25-Feb-09

Poems in the Waiting Room Worldwide

Poems in the Waiting Room - - has now spread world wide. The latest successful transplant under licence is to Poems in the Waiting Room Dunedin New Zealand. Ruth Arnison, author and poet successfully established a local PitWR scheme to serve Otago. The first edition, spring was distributed in October 2008, followed by the summer edition in January. The poetry cards combine classic poems, including many from UK PitWR earlier editions, with new work by New Zealand poets. The edition has attracted an full news item in the Otago press. It also has led to promise of funding by a local professional firm and from a local resident, offering support for the next two editions. She is now in contact with poets in Auckland that might lead to spread of the arts in health literary scheme throughout New Zealand.

Sample copies of the Dunedin poetry cards have been lodged with the Poetry Libraries in London and in Edinburgh.

Shelda Rathmann in Adelaide South Australia is exploring possibility of developing a local project, again under licence. Poems in the Waiting room UK has supplied sample material and guidance. Shelda Rathmann is in contact with Ruth Arnison in Dunedin for advice on the early set-up of PitWR.

A longer established sister scheme has been developed under licence by Kate Demspey in Kildare, an Irish poet and writer. Kate Dempsey's effort was the first formal joint establishment of PitWR internationally, under licence to use PitWR title and compilation, leading possibly to joint editorial. Kate Demsey's pilot scheme drew a favourable news item published in The New Yorker.

Poems in the Waiting Room has two footholds in the United States, in Nevada and Pittsburgh which might transform into wider operations. Kay Ryan, the USA poet laureate, is a good friend and supporter and may well stimulate interest.


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