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Escapoetry webzine is seeking submissions | 11-Mar-09

UK Online;
Escapoetry webzine is seeking submissions with a difference.
Escapoetry seeks to put poetry out in the public domain where it is impossible to avoid; to bring poetry to all those people who say they don't like it, or don't understand it, and show them that they can enjoy poetry.
Escapoetry is seeking poets from all over the UK to get involved in the project where they live. Whether you post poetry through all the letterboxes on your street, paint it on the side of your car or hire a billboard for a month, as long as it's legal, we want to hear about where your poetry has been getting.
Escapoetry works just like a poetry webzine. We'll publish your work along with a photograph of you, your bio and a link to your website. And then we'll publish photographs, videos, witness statements or whatever of your poetry. So rather than a webzine for printed poetry, it's more like a webzine for poetry actions.
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