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The Young Writers' Charitable Trust | 16-Apr-09

'The Young Writer Trust is there to support young people with and through their writing.'

In 1995, Young Writer' magazine was set up as a platform for work by young people up to the age of 18. It offers space for their writing and supporting articles, competitions, etc to inspire and inform them. 18 months ago the magazine was passed on to
Warners, who also publish 'Writers News' for adult writers.

We have, however, in the meantime, established The Young Writers' Charitable Trust. This is designed to help young people through their writing. In the past most of its funds went to fund the magazine, but
now we can look at new projects and see how we can best help. If there are any projects which people could suggest to us that would always be useful. We have some funds but obviously want to use them to help the widest range and number of young poets (and other  young writers) as possible.

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