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Cornwall: Call for submissions | 01-Dec-09

Cornwall: Call for submissions

We are looking for writers to donate sonnets or roughly sonnet length pieces of poetry for our up coming Living Word Walks. 
Inspired by Shakespeare's Globe's Sonnet Walks, Scary Little Girls Productions aim to bring the Cornish streets alive with performance, poetry and song.

Groups of ten to fifteen audience members at a time set off on a specially prepared route around their town.  They have only each other and the specially prepared printed guides to show them around and as they progress they discover secrets they never knew their town was keeping.

At intervals throughout the route, performers stationed in the crowds begin their poems and songs as the audience draws near, engaging them in a performance of Cornish writing new and old that comes quite literally out of the Cornish life of the town. 

Artists from Scary Little Girls, with Mark Rylance's support, have already created these unique walks internationally including ones around Lower Manhattan ( and Marylebone Village in London ( 

The aim of the walks is to make the town and the poetry come alive for an audience in a way they have never experienced before. 

So we looking for artists either from Cornwall or with a strong affiliation from Cornwall to either get in touch with ideas for poetry or poems we should check out or to donate (ie no payment or performance fee although copyright rests with the writer) poetry that they think would be suitable for this project.  These poems, while needed to stick as close to sonnet form or at least length as possible, can be about very broad themes, from the personal to the universal, the Cornish to the anywhere else!  Please send any ideas or submissions to the following email -

If the poems you wish to submit are your own and have been published please let us know that you have written permission from your publisher that you can allow us to use the work for this project.

The poems that we choose from the submissions will be given to the actors in the project to choose from themselves so we can't guarantee that every one is used, but we hope to roll these walks out and to run them in subsequent years so there will be every chance that your work is used even if it's not in 2010 (we will of course re-seek your permission to use your work each time we create or run a walk other than those in 2010 outlined above).

The cut off date for submissions will be the end of January 2010 and we will choose the poem in early February and will be back in touch after that.

This project is all about the artistic word bringing a town to life for new audiences and starting a love affair between the audience, the town and the performance.  This is only possible with the most exciting, the most moving, the most vivid of writing, and we just can't wait to get that from all you out there!

We do hope to hear from you soon and thanks for lending your time and talent to this project,

Rebecca Mordan, Scary Little Girls xxx 

This project is funded by Feast,  to find out about their aims, objectives and projects please go to -

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