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Scintilla relaunch | 21-Jun-12

Scintilla magazine are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication this autumn of Scintilla 16, their first issue under the title Scintilla : The Journal of the Vaughan Association. It will be listed on Amazon, available on Kindle and iPad and as a print-on-demand e-journal to subscribers on line.

Scintilla's unique combination of new poetry with learned articles and discursive and meditative essays "holds", in Seamus Heaney's  words, "to the transformative vision of its tutelary spirit Henry Vaughan", encompassing "both the scholarly and the spiritual". Accordingly, the journal will continue to expand its scholarly interest in the work of poets with a sense of the numinous and also to welcome poems (including sequences and long poems) and essays by poets exploring, in contemporary terms, issues and insights experienced by Henry and Thomas Vaughan during their own disturbed yet transformative times.

Fiona Owen is the guest editor for poetry in Scintilla 16.
Work, submitted by e-mail only please and in Times New Roman 12 pt., must be sent to:
to arrive by July 31, 2012.
Please make sure your poems are accompanied by a note for publication (some 30 words for the Contributors page) providing brief biographical information along with selected publications.

The Scintilla website can be found here:

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