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Litterapture: spreading the muse | 15-Aug-12

Litterapture: spreading the muse

How long is it since you last took time out to muse - not to stare vacantly into space or at a screen - but to muse - to be absolutely present to what is going on around you.  A day - a week - a month? 

Yasmin Ali Khan, founder of the Litterapture movement launched this week, is encouraging us all to muse. She said "I feel our muse muscles are getting slack. This is disastrous because if we lose our ability to muse we lose our humanity. Our musings are our own personal poetry.   Litterapture is about releasing our poetry into the world". 

It is also about getting poetry out of the closet. According to Yasmin "we all have poetry within us". She is encouraging us to write down our musings and leave them in public places for others to find. She said "I want to encourage everyone to breathe in experience and breathe out poetry.  I imagine a healing stream of poetry flowing into the world".

For further information please visit the Litterapture website -

Further Information:

Litterapture is funded by the US Fulbright Programme. It is the initiative of Yasmin Ali Khan (a Fulbright alumnus) who is currently teaching English and Media at Kingsmead secondary school in Enfield, North London. Recently Yasmin spent a year in Santa Barbara, California on a Fulbright Teacher Exchange Programme. During her time away she started writing and leaving poems (and her email address) in places which inspired her. She received some delighted responses. This was the starting point for the Litterapture movement. To find out more please visit the website - Anyone can join the movement.

Contact: Yasmin Ali Khan
Mobile: 0790 350 8136

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