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Book publishers

This list consists of current U.K. imprints that publish poetry. It is not exhaustive, and is intended as a quick reference for contact details. Many of these publishers do not welcome unsolicited manuscripts, so contacting them before submitting work is advisable. It is recommended that each potential submitter of work takes a look at previous publications from that imprint, to get a feel for the style of poetry they are interested in.

Book Publishers are separated into two categories:

  • Poetry Book Publishers: These are U.K. publishers that publish more than six full-length books of poetry per year (or less if they are a major imprint of other genres) and have had a title shortlisted for a recognised poetry prize in the past five years.
  • Online books: Online books are books that are published on the Internet. These come in various forms, from those that are self-developed by the author, to those that are created by a publishing company operating an editorial policy similar to that of a traditional publisher. The Online books that are listed in this section all fit into the second category, being created by a recognised publishing house or organisation. Often, these Online books are available to buy in traditional book format as well. Please contact the publisher of the material for more information.

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