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The Lady Baby | 13-Mar-05

I am looking for a poem which I read years ago. The first line is "A lady baby came today", and I think the title is "The Lady Baby". It is a description of an elegant baby girl, I think it may be of the Victorian era. I would very much appreciate your help.

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


I've found this poem in Vikram Seth's book A Suitable Boy, page 969. It's by Wilhelmina Stitch
Jean Penna

Here it as as written in A Suitable Boy.

A Lady Baby Came Today

A lady baby came today!
What words are quite so nice to say?
They make one smile, they make one pray
For Lady Baby's happiness!

Today a Lady Baby came!
We have not heard her winsome name,
We can address her all the same,
As Lady Baby-Come-to-Bless.

When Lady Baby came to earth
Her home was filled with joy and mirth.
There's not a jewel of half the worth
Of Lady Baby-to-Caress.

We're glad that Lady Baby's here,
For at this sunless time of year
There's no light that brings such warmth and cheer
As Lady Baby's daintiness.

Hush! Lady Baby's fast asleep,
The friendly fire-flames dance and leap
And angels' wings above her eyes
A kiss they press.

"A Lady Baby!" Lovely phrase;
It means she'll have such gentle way,
And grow to goodness all her days-
May God this Lady Baby bless!
s c

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