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La fleur bien blanche aux doux printemps / Prend a la branche........... charmante | 20-Mar-16

Enquirer is looking for a French poem memorised by their English grandfather. They assume it was part of learning French in school, so it may have been in a textbook. They think it begins:

'La fleur bien blanche aux doux printemps
Prend a la branche.................... charmante.'

Literal English translation:

The flower all white at the soft spring
takes to the branch .... charming

or possibly

'La fleur bien blanche, oh doux printemps'

The flower all white, oh soft spring,

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I, too, learned the poem at school, in 1968 or 1969, as part of our French lessons. We wrote it down from the blackboard into our exercise books, and then had to memorise it, which is why I still know the whole poem! I don't know who wrote it,mor if it was in a textbook, though, sorry. The poem reads thus:

La fleur bien blanche
Au doux printemps
Pend à la branche-
Que c'est charmante!

Puis la fleur passe.
Alors, sans bruit,
Vient à sa place,
Un petit fruit.

C'est las cerise
Au belle été.
Quelle surprise!
Enfants, venez!

Vite! Je ceuille
Les fruits si doux
Parmi les feuilles,
Enfants, pour vous!
Rosie Luchini

We think this poem is called 'La cerise' / 'The cherry'. We've not been able to find out the name of the author.
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