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"O proud impatient man..." | 13-Mar-05

"O proud impatient man allow to earth her seasons growth and change require their winter as a tired child its sleep thou art that child.

Lie down this is the night day follows soon wake then refreshed wise for having slept this is old nurse's counsel and the god's for is through rest not busy maggots eat thy brain and all is dedicated to chaos"

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It is quoted, unattributed, by
Charles Morgan in the first act of The River Line.
Is he quoting? Or did Morgan write it himself?
Edward Poultney

This a quotation from "The river line" A play by Charles Morgan
Sister Mary Hilda Hester

Sr Mary Hilda Lester has contacted us with more information. (We have amended the quote at Line 2 as directed.)

In your quote:-

Line 2 the space is missing between "winter" and "as"
The next line should read "wiser for having slept...."
And in the next line the phrase should read "for if thou rest not ... "

I am sorry to be so pedantic, we had one of those wonderful Teachers, who staffed the Direct Grant Grammar Schools...
Poetry Library

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